A little background about me

When I was a young girl living in Zimbabwe, I only had access to one national television channel, with a couple of cinemas found miles away in the capital city centre, therefore, a career in film production was not something I foresaw myself doing. It was not until I moved to the UK at the age of thirteen, when what seemed to be a portal to a world of endless possibilities was opened I wouldn’t have otherwise ever known, that I discovered my passion for filmmaking. At the age of fourteen I made a conscious decision to work in film production, I have never looked back since.

I did my undergraduate in Video Production with Film at Bucks New University (2010) and went on to do a Masters in Post Production Editing at Bournemouth University (2015), where I finished with a distinction and an Avid award for the best editing in a Masters project. Then shortly after, I went on to win another International student film competition for best editing with a film I had made single-handed. These achievements confirm my fascination and enthusiasm about working in the film industry, and my dream goal is to go on and win a BAFTA or an Oscar award. Just look for the girl with a big smile on her face and you will find me.

In my spare time I enjoying doing a lot of photography. I’ve self taught myself from scratch and with a combination of understanding of lighting from my Video Production undergrad course, I have mastered it to the extent that a number of couples have entrusted me to do their wedding and newborn photography. Mastering photography has taught me a few skills in producing excellent work under challenging circumstances.

Travelling is a big part of me. Although I am currently based in the UK, I am very willing to travel where ever the work will take me. I have so far been to 22 countries and still counting. Because I’m multicultural and a people person, connecting with people from other countries, who may not necessarily speak English better than me has never been a barrier in collaborating. I’ve worked with film directors from four different countries and film crews from all over the world. I’m all about culture and diversity, also bi-lingual and currently learning five more languages.