A little background about me

I have always wanted to work in film from a very young age. When I was 14 I consciously made the decision to pursue a career in film, and have stayed on that path since. I studied Video Production with Film at University, and it was there that I discovered I wanted to specialise in Postproduction Editing. I then advanced my studies taking up a Masters degree in Postproduction Editing at Bournemouth University, where I finished with a distinction and an Avid award for the best edited Masters project. Whilst at university, I also won local and international editing competitions and was rewarded with one-to-one mentorships by renowned editors, BAFTA winner Mick Audsley and Academy Award nominee Anne-Sophie Bion.

In my spare time when taking a break from sharpening my editing skills I like to travel, I enjoy exploring different cultures.  I have so far been to over 40 countries and am also bi-lingual currently trying to master Spanish. Photography is also one of my passions … both in front and behind the camera. I am self-taught, with a combination of understanding of lighting from my Video Production degree, I have now mastered it to the extent that couples entrust me to do their weddings. Wedding photography in particular has taught me a few skills in producing excellent work under stressful conditions.